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Don't just create an event, create an experience!


Vibrnz is a platform that is focused on providing digital tools to creative entrepreneurs. Our first set of tools help artists and educators manage their events end to end. These events could be concerts, classes, workshops, fund raisers or any other type of event. Our tools provide end to end management starting from creating and listing the event, to ticketing and streaming the event. Explore how our tools can help you enhance the experience for your audience. Please note that all events on Vibrnz are subject to Vibrnz Event Terms.


Start creating your event in 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Login. If you are not a member yet, please signup (for free).
Step 2: After you are logged in, you are on your Dashboard. Click on Create Event.

Step 3: Now you will be on "Edit Event" Page. You can start creating your event here!

Once you click on "Create Event", you will go to the "Edit Event" Page. Start entering your information here.

Helpful tip: Before you start creating the event, it would be helpful to have a banner image ready. The ideal size of the banner is 1210 px by 500 px. Use the banner to create a good branding of your event. It will make a great impact on your audience.


1. Event type - From the drop down menu choose your event type like concert, or a workshop.
2. Event topic - Here you select the topic of your event like music, or literary arts.
3. Event sub-topic - Once you select the event topic, you need to select a sub-topic. For e.g. if you choose music as your topic, a sub-topic could be alternative music.
4. Tags - Here you can use keywords that your audience might use to search for your event. For e.g. if your event topic is music, you can type guitar, or drums.
5. Event name - Try to keep it brief, up-to 60 characters
6. Description - Describe your event so your guests understands what your event is all about. Keep it simple but let your guests know what will they experience at the event.
7. Event location - If your event is Online, click on "Yes", or else click on "No".
If you choose "Yes": The first field is optional. Even though the event is online, if you want people to know where you are based, you can add your city and state here. This will bring up your event in location search. The second field is the online venue. Like YouTube or Facebook or Zoom maybe. In the third field you enter the online link that your audience needs to go to watch the event.
If you choose "No": Enter the name of the venue like Carnegie Hall. In the "Address" field, as you start typing your address, you will get a drop down of options (from Google maps). Choose your address from the drop down. In the third field, you can add a landmark that will help your audience find the venue easily.
8. Organizer details - Click on the button and fill up the details as requested. It is always helpful to have a Vibrnz profile for the host and the organization so your audience can click on the profile and get to learn more.
9. Event schedule - Click on the button and add the start and end date and time. Click on "Multiple Date Scheduling" if you have recurring events.
10. Cover photo -  You can use this banner to create your branding. Just make sure that you follow the recommended size of 1210 by 500 px.
11. Event flyer - This is optional but we would recommend you add it to the page to make a better impact. Ideal size would be 800 by 1000 px or 800  by 800 px


Click on the button. In the pop up, select from the drop down. For e.g. choose Facebook. Copy your Facebook link and paste it in the field next to drop down. Click on submit.
Adding your social media and website links help your audience know more about you.


This section is to showcase the artists or participants in the event. This is very helpful if the artists have a Vibrnz profile. Click on the button. In the pop up, type the artist name. If the artist has a Vibrnz profile you will see it in the drop down. Just choose from the drop down. If the artist does not have a Vibrnz profile, just type the name and press enter.


In this section you can create tickets. You can add "Donations" at the time of publishing. See Publishing below for details.

Free tickets - Tickets that have no cost. 
How to add free tickets - Click on "Add free ticket". In the pop up, add the ticket name. Like Event registration, or Early bird. Then add the quantity of tickets you expect to be sold. (Always put a higher number!)

Paid tickets - Tickets that have a charge.
How to add Paid tickets - Click on "Add paid ticket". In the pop up, add the ticket name. Like Regular ticket, or Level 1. Then add the quantity of tickets you expect to be sold. (Always put a higher number!). You can add multiple levels, with different pricing. If you are creating a set of classes, e.g. you can name one level as "Single class", and the next level as "Bundle of 5 classes", and price each differently so your guests can benefit from the discount you give for buying multiple classes, and you as the organizer get a commitment from the buyer, for 5 classes.

PAYMENT METHOD - In order to get payments online, directly to your bank account, for your ticket sales,  you will need to link your Vibrnz account to Stripe. Stripe is a Global Payment Gateway. You can view details. Once you set up your Stripe account and link it with Vibrnz, you will received the proceeds from the ticket sales based on the Stripe payment schedule (which is typically 7 to 10 days).

For your non-recurring events, as an event organizer you have an option to let us collect the ticket proceeds on your behalf and send you the check once the event ends. In that case, if you don't link your account to Stripe, while publishing the event, you will be asked to share your address in a pop up. Please fill in your address so we can mail you a check once the event is over and we receive the proceeds from Stripe.

Show the number of tickets remaining - If you expect the tickets to be sold out fast, you can check the box. In that case, when people book tickets, they can see how many tickets are left to be sold. This might push your guests to buy the tickets sooner.

Seating chart - You can add an image of the seating chart of the event venue so your audience gets a visual.

Ticket Description - Here you can describe the different ticket levels. For e.g. if you name a ticket has Early bird, what exactly does it mean?

Terms and Conditions - Provide any terms you have for your guests who buy your event ticktes. For e.g. No refunds etc.

FAQs - Any frequently asked questions

Privacy settings - If you would like to keep your event unlisted, so only those who have the link can view the event, click on "Make the event private...". Or else Click on "Make the event public". In that case the event will show on Vibrnz under upcoming events under "Events".

Sensory Friendly - Check this option if your event is autism friendly and are tailored for individuals on the spectrum.

SUBMIT EVENT - As you type the details in the form, they get saved automatically. Click on "Submit Event" once the form is complete.

PUBLISH EVENT - Once you have submitted the event, the next step would be to publish it so people can view it. Here you can get a preview of the event you have created and edit it to make any changes. Once you are confident, click on publish.

Once you click on publish, you will get a pop up asking you to add the donations button. If you click on the checkbox, your guests can add donations on top of the event price.

Once you click on "Publish event", your event gets published and shows under "Upcoming events" section on your Event Dashboard.

How do you collect payments when you set up paid events on Vibrnz? (Applicable to the event organizers based in the US). Those who are based outside the US, please refer to our Payout Guidelines.

There are two options to collect the payments:
1. With Stripe: You need to link your Stripe account to Vibrnz. If you do not have a Stripe account, you can create one by going to payment settings (in account settings on the dashboard). You will receive the payout each time a ticket is sold, based on the Stripe settings which is typically 7 – 14 days. To know more about Stripe, click for details. For payout details from Stripe, please read here.

After you login, on your Dashboard, click on Account Settings.

Go to Payout settings and click on "Activate your payout with Stripe"

Once you click on Activate, you will be taken to the Stripe website to setup your account in Stripe.

On "Edit Event" page - You can also link your account to Stripe when you are editing your event, in the Ticketing section when you are creating tickets, as in the image below.

2.  Without Stripe: If you do not have a Stripe account, you have the option of receiving the payout from Vibrnz through a check or any other online payment mode that works for Vibrnz or you. Any online charges incurred for transferring the funds will be your responsibility. All the payments for the event are collected by Vibrnz directly. Vibrnz will pay the event organizer after receiving the payment from Stripe. It typically takes 7-14 days for Stripe to transfer to money. This option does not apply to recurring events like classes, etc. Vibrnz will charge a fee of $10 for efforts involved.
Digital events? So what? You can still give your audience a great event experience by inviting them to your high quality performances, giving them your own branded booking experience and sharing with them a program menu that they can browse through!

Playbill or Program menu is your own branded menu showcasing the list of performances in the event with details about each performance and the performers. Sponsors play a big role in many events. Give your sponsors the bang for their bucks! Add the sponsor image to the menu, link it to their website, and let your guests know more about your sponsors.

It is easy to make your own event program menu.

Login and go the your Dashboard. Click on Event Dashboard.

Once you are on your event dashboard, click on Playbill/Program menu. Initially when you have no playbills, it will show No record found under "Published" or "Drafts"

Now click on 'Create playbill"

You will now be on the "Create Playbill form". Start adding your details here.

You can click on the "preview" to see how a typical playbill will look like, where your banner and flyer will fit in etc.

1. Playbill title - This would be the name of your playbill. Name it differently from your event.
2. Banner - This could be the same as your event banner or different. Best size would be 1230 px by 500 px.
3. Flyer - Adding the flyer is optional, but it is always good to add.
4. Add session - Here you add the title of the first session. For e.g. morning session. Or you could name it whatever suits your requirement. Change the background and text color the way you want. Change the sequence to 1 for the first session.

5. Add performance - Add the title and the description here. You can add the performance duration and change the background and text color based on your color theme. Add the performance sequence. Change it to "1" for the first performance.

6. Add performers - Click on "Add performer". You will see a pop up. Add the performer name, about the performance and if the performer has a Vibrnz profile, just add the public link where requested. You can add the sequence.

7. Add sponsor - Add a new session. Add the Title like "Thanks to our sponsor ABC for their support." Change the background and text color as you want. Check the box that says "Check box if this section is about sponsorship..". Once you check the box, you will get "Add Sponsors" option. Click on the button. In the pop up, add the sponsor image. (Recommended image size is 800 px by 250 px). Add the website link of the sponsor and click submit.

Hint: You can display any banners, as you like in the sponsor section.

8. Publish your playbill - Once you have completed all sections, click on submit. Your playbill will show in the "Drafts" section. View or edit your playbill to make sure it is in the format you need. Once you are sure, click on publish. You will get a pop up asking you to link it to your event. Choose the event from the dropdown. If you don't want to link it to any event, just click on "Publish". Once you publish it, it is a public link. You can share it on any social platform via Whatsapp, Facebook etc.

9. Once you publish your playbill and link it to an event, the program menu can be also viewed by your audience on your event page like this, as "Program", next to the Book button.

Get started! And let us know if you have any questions.
Once you have created your event, you can use "Manage events" to
1. Edit and View
2. Deactivate your event (so it won't be public anymore)
3. Check your "Event statistics" like ticket sales details
4. Go to Event settings -  To add "Donations" to your event if you haven't done so while publishing it.
5. Check your upcoming, past or unpublished events.

On the Event Dashboard, in "Manage events", against each event there is a "Chart" icon that shows Events statistics, meaning it shows details of all your tickets sales including the customer name etc. Details of all your event tickets booked or pending will show in this section. How it works?

1. Click on the "Chart" icon
2. In the pop up, click on "Get Ticket Details"
3. Once you click on the above, you will see Tickets status where you can find all the details. 
4. You can also download it in excel format and save it on your computer!
How much does it cost you to create and manage events OR create playbill on Vibrnz? DIY and NOTHING!

As US based event organizers, you pay nothing for creating or managing your events or creating playbills for your events. It is 100% FREE forever! Your guests pay a small online service charge when they book the tickets through Vibrnz. Our service charge is among the lowest in the market!

Online service charge -  1% plus USD 0.55 per ticket plus the Stripe payment gateway fee of 2.9% plus USD 0.30. You can find further details on Stripe

Please note that for non-US event organizers, charges will apply for international payments. Please refer to the Guidelines.

Concierge services: You don't have time? No problem. Pay us a small fee and we will take care of your event.
Creating an event page: $50 (To be paid upfront)
This will include creating the event for you end to end starting from one flyer (basic-options can be discussed), to one 40 secs teaser and creating the event page for you as the host (once we have all the details from you). For only flyer and teaser, $40. For higher end, and customized flyer and teaser, additional charges might apply.
Streaming and Production services: Fees may vary depending on the effort and time involved. basic pricing is as provided below:
Streaming: If you are using Vibrnz services to stream the event to Vibrnz or any other platform, the charge is $100 per hour.
Video editing: Minimum price at $100 per hour. May vary depending on the effort involved. 
Other Production services: Depending on the type of effort. Please contact us for pricing. 
All the pricing above is valid for 2021.
Organize interviews, panel discussions, live events and more by reserving our "Virtual Studio".

Our "Virtual studio" is your venue to organize events that can be streamed to the Vibrnz website, YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms.

And that's not all! You can monetize the events by streaming them to Vibrnz and creating an event with or without  "Authorized access".

You can encourage people to attend and donate by showing the number of donors, attendees and showing the donate button while the attendees are watching the event. Attendees can add comments and notes of appreciation by clicking "Add comment". For live events, you have the option to show a live "Chat window" where attendees can chat real-time.

Please note that the live streaming of the events depends on the internet connection. You can read our Event Terms for more.

Pricing: You can reserve the Vibrnz "Virtual studio" for a small per hour fee. For more details, please reach out to us at info@vibrnz.com or submit this form and we will get back to you promptly.
Get paid for your concerts. Authorize access to only those who make a payment or donation. Convert your social media likes into patrons who appreciate and also monetarily support your art. How can you do that?

1. Create "Paid tickets" on your events on Vibrnz.
2. Create "Free tickets" and add "Donations" so your art is accessible to all but people who can monetarily support you will donate.
3. Create paid events with "authorized access". Only those who pay and buy tickets or donate get access to your "Premium events". 

Read our "Streaming your events on Vibrnz" section to understand how the events with "Authorized access" work.

Just like you can stream your events to various social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, you can also stream your event to the Vibrnz website.

What differentiates Vibrnz?
  • Authorized access: Vibrnz provides you the ability to create "authorized access" to your event meaning only those who have registered or paid for the event can get access. 
  • Post event monetization: You have the option of post event monetization for a certain period meaning people who could not watch the event at the scheduled time can watch it later by making the payment. 
  • Free event with Donations: You also have the option to make your event FREE so it can be accessed by all but add the DONATION option so your patrons can support you with any amount they want.

How do you stream your event to the Vibrnz website?
  1. We will provide you an RTMP URL and a Stream Key. 
  2. Paste the URL and stream key into your encoding software's settings and begin streaming.

For further details, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help you. You can also submit this form for any inquiry and we will get back to you promptly.

Vibrnz provides an End to End solution for you to create and manage your event seamlessly so you can focus on what you do best. So what if your event is digital? You can still provide a great experience to your audience!

So how do you create the experience?
1. Create a customized  event page with your branding
2. Set up ticketing- Free or Paid. You have the option of adding donations for both
3. Create a customized playbill/program menu with your branding (add sponsors etc. see our playbill/program section on this web page)
4. View the concert in a great virtual setting (shown below)
5. Keep the event "open to all" or make it a "paid only" event
6. As your guests buy the tickets they get an email with all the details including the link of the online event that you provide on the event page
7. Your guests get a 1 day email reminder about the event
8. You can check the status of your tickets sold at any point with the basic details about the ticket buyer
9. Set up your event and get it ready for streaming on our website on the scheduled date and time
10. Once the event ends, email all your patrons a thank you note and they will be waiting for your next event!
Too much going on? Need help managing your event? No worries, we are here to help.

We will create and manage your event end to end for a one time fee (Fee varies depending on the effort involved).  You can email us at info@vibrnz.com or submit this form and we will reach out to you promptly.
Need help with streaming? We can discuss the options and pricing with you. It depends on the effort and time involved. For basic pricing, please refer to the pricing section

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