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Here you will find Payout Guidelines for those who create events on Vibrnz. These guidelines are applicable to US Dollar based transactions only.

Your payouts are processed via Stripe - a global online payment processing platform. Vibrnz has integrated with Stripe for a safe and secure experience. This is how it works:
If you have a Stripe account, you link your Stripe account to your Vibrnz account. If you do not have a Stripe account, you can create one on Stripe OR by going to your Vibrnz dashboard - Settings - Payout settings. Your Stripe account will receive the payout each time a ticket is sold. Stripe will make the payout to your bank account based on your Stripe settings. To know more about Stripe and the payout timeline, click here.
If you need help creating a Stripe account, please reach out to us at info@vibrnz.com
Service fee: There is no recurring or set up fee to create events. All paid transactions incur a service fee that is typically passed on to the ticket buyers. You have the option to absorb the service fee when you are editing the event. There is no fee for free events. 
Service fee is a total of the Stripe payment processing fee and Vibrnz (platform) fee. Stripe charges 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction. Vibrnz fee is 1% plus $0.55 per ticket. This applies to all payments including donations. For verified non-profits (with Stripe), reduced fees may apply. If Stripe verifies your non-profit status and charges a lower fee, Vibrnz will also charge a lower fee of 0.70% plus $0.55 per ticket.
Please note for premium features like seating map, additional fee will be charged per ticket. 
Manual Ticket purchases (for which payment is not processed via Vibrnz checkout form)
We understand that you as an organizer might have patrons who might not be comfortable with online transactions or would like to use a payment mode other than the credit card (which is the current mode of payment via Stripe). Keeping this in mind, we have created a feature of selling tickets manually to your guests that will allow you to use a form to assign tickets manually and also give you the flexibility to accept multiple forms for payments. 
While Stripe is our preferred payment platform, we have provided this feature for the convenience of our clients. We launched this feature in Jaunuary 2023. As a promotion, currently the feature is available for free until December 31st, 2023 after which there will be a fee to use this feature.
For questions, please email info@vibrnz.com.
Please note the platform fees helps us run and maintain the Vibrnz platform so you can benefit from its features. 

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