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Abhyutthaan 2020

Pandit Jasraj Institute of Music is pleased to present Abhyutthaan 2020 (formerly known as Rising Stars) – an endeavor designed to bring together senior students of Hindustani vocal music from all schools in the tri-state area and to give them a forum to perform, listen and derive inspiration from each other.  The mission is to develop a musical community that seeks to build their musicality, inspire and be inspired, without the boundaries of gharanas or schools.

Any questions regarding registration or viewing? Email info@vibrnz.com

All comments
Very nice session , Shubha .
Thank you to Jayashri ji , Harsh bhai and Deb bhai!
Sneh Arts
This event will be premiering at 10:00 am US ET on Dec 6th. For any reason if you miss the premiere, the event will continue to be streamed for a week right here. You can watch it anytime. Enjoy!
Mrinalini (mini) Ayachit

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