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Lesson videos on unique art forms of India

India is known for its traditional and cultural vibrancy. The styles in Indian folk and traditional arts are characterized by distinctive colorful designs, which are laced with religious and mystical motifs. Some of the most famous painting styles are the Madhubani (Mithila) paintings of Bihar, Tanjore (Tanjavoor) paintings from Tamilnadu, Mural Paintings from Kerala and the Warli Paintings from Maharashtra. These styles are not restricted by the medium and have made their way to other art forms such as pottery and crafts.

Here is a curated set of lesson videos that will help you learn unique art forms  in the comfort of your home , at your own pace. Click on each course to learn more.  For questions or inquiries, please email us at info@vibrnz.com.
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Thumb400 madhubani banner
Madhubani Art for Beginners
Anushree Dutta
Thumb400 warli banner
Warli Art for Beginners
Jasnoor Kaur
Thumb400 tanjore banner
Tanjore Art for Beginners
Priya Satish
Thumb400 gond banner
Gond Art for Beginners
Prangya Rudra Mohanty
Thumb400 mandala banner
Mandala art for Beginners
Reepa Patil
Thumb400 mandala vibrnz banner
Cheriyal art for Beginners
Priyanka Mishra
Thumb400 vibrnz media banner 1
Warli Art for Beginners
Sanchita Kundu
Thumb400 meenakari banner vibrnz media
Meenakari Art for Beginners
Kinnary Ukidave
Thumb400 vibrnz media banner kalamkari
Kalamkari art for beginners
Astha Khimesara
Thumb400 vibrnz media banner 1
Pichwai art for beginners
Shruti Salvan
Thumb400 vibrnz media banner
Pichwai art for beginners
Prangya Rudra Mohanty