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Vibrnz is a digital platform to manage and showcase your in-person, hybrid or online events. It is an end to end solution for your events starting with ticketing to online payments to analytics - all on a single platform. Concerts, community events, workshops, professional events, fundraisers, recitals, and social gatherings - we power all event types. We take pride in providing exceptional customer service and working closely with our clients so they can create memorable experiences for their patrons and customers.


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We take immense pride in serving our clients. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our service, as we strive to provide a seamless and efficient experience. With our user-friendly interfaces we prioritize innovation to meet the diverse needs of our clientele. We are not shy to learn and work towards making our platform better as we work with multiple clients.

We are also proud to have made a difference in peoples’ lives as organizations have raised funds through our platform on multiple occasions for various causes. Here are some of the logos that represent our client partners and our beneficiaries.



Event Webpage with public URL and QR code

Build Beautiful and customized event webpages that are SEO friendly. Add banners and images to showcase your event participants and sponsors. Display sponsors, and partners on the event webpage. 


Event Brochure with public URL and QR code

Create digital brochure for your event program with details about each session. Highlight your sponsors and participant profiles. Create the brochure once and use it multiple times without spending an extra penny! Edit it anytime to make any last minutes changes. Your event attendees can share the brochure with anyone at anytime via their phone!


Multiple Ticket Levels 

Maximize your event revenue through multi–level ticketing. Add promotional levels like Early bird etc. and incentivize people to buy early. Create separate levels for single and bundled tickets, or add a special pricing for seniors. Use the unlimited levels in multiple ways to gather a bigger audience for your event!


Accept donations for your fundraising event as you sell event tickets. Incentivize your patrons to donate by sharing your donation goals and your story. Let your donors know where their contributions are being put to use. 


Promotion Codes and Member discounts

Leverage promotion codes to pass on discounts and maximize ticket collections. Integrate with our membership module to offer free, discounted, or member-only tickets as benefts to your members.


Free for Event organizers

Our self-service events platform is free for Event Organizers if the service fees is passed on to the ticket buyers. You have the option of absorbing the fee for any event, depending on the audience you are catering to.

Service fees

Vibrnz is integrated with Stripe, a global payment processing platform that allows us to provide you a secure and seamless way to accept online payments. Service fees is a total of (Stripe) payment processing fees of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction PLUS (Vibrnz) Platform fees 1% and $0.55 per ticket. Non-profits (as verified by Stripe), might be eligible for a reduced fee. You can refer to this Stripe link for more info. For premium features such as reserved seating, additional fee will be charged.

Free events for NO fee!

There is no service fee on free events. Not a single dime is charged on free tickets! All the self service tools to create a branded page, create ticketing levels, and publishing the event are available for free. Please note that fees will apply for any customized or premium features.

Offline tickets and Payments

We understand that some of your patrons might be unable to transact online and need an alternative mode of payment such as check, or cash. We offer a very useful tool that allows YOU to issue tickets for your patrons as you accept their payments offline. The process is simple and tickets are issued with QR code similar to the regular ticket purchase process. Organizers will be charged a platform fee of 1% plus $0.55 on each paid ticket issued. (Note: There will be no payment processing fee on offline tickets).

This also allows you to easily issue complementary tickets for your special and VIP guests without complicating the registration process at the gate. 

More payment options coming soon!

We will soon be offering multiple payment options including PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay. Stay tuned!


Audience Insights

Easily accessible Analytics that will help you track your audience behavior and preferences across tickets types, event types
and create a better experience for them. Easily download the data in excel and save it for future analysis or simply view the data on the Vibrnz event dashboard.  


Customizable Checkout Form

Learn more about your event attendees. Gather information about your audience by asking questions like food preferences, interests, age, or shirt size! Avoid the hassle of creating a separate form to collect attendee information. Our all in one platform will help you collect the necessary data you need about your attendees even before they arrive at the gate so you can creating engaging experiences for them!


Showcase your brand

Do you want to showcase your own brand? Let your attendees get a seamless experience of YOUR brand starting from buying the tickets to watching it virtually. Use your own logo for an End-to-End branded experience. 


Virtual Streaming

Go Hybrid or go Virtual! We have you covered. Stream your events to the "Vibrnz Virtual Stage" and expand your audience globally.

 Donations made easy

The Vibrnz Virtual Stage is a unique venue that allows your audience to not only watch the event in the highest quality mode, it also enables them to contribute to your event if you are fundraising. Viewers can easily donate while watching. Get a quick peek into our Virtual Stage!

Other amazing features!

Engage your virtual audience. Showcase participant online profiles. The online performance brochure allows your attendees to checkout the program details as they are watching the event virtually. 

Vibrnz is a Digital Toolbox for Non-Profits, and Small Businesses.

If you want to schedule a demo, or would like to learn more about Vibrnz, please email us at info@vibrnz.com. Client references available upon request.


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