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Vibrnz is an easy way to manage and showcase your in-person, hybrid or online events. An end to end solution for your events starting with ticketing to online payments to streaming and post-event monetization - all on a single platform. Concerts, community events, workshops, fundraisers, recitals, and social gatherings - we power all event types. 


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Event Webpage 

Build Beautiful and customized event webpages that are SEO friendly. Add banners and images to showcase your participants. Display sponsors, and partners on the event webpage. 


Participant Profile 

Your participants can create professional looking profiles showcasing their past performances, interviews and social media links. Give them the digital boost they need through your events.


Sponsor Management

Manage sponsorship registrations, showcase them and give them the bang for their buck!


Event Brochure

Create digital brochure for your event program with details about each session. Highlight your sponsors and participant profiles. Create the brochure once and use it multiple times without spending an extra penny! Edit it anytime to make any last minutes changes. Your event attendees can share the brochure with anyone at anytime via their phone!


Virtual Streaming –Live, recorded or on-demand

Expand your audience beyond physical venues. Stream your virtual events to the Vibrnz Virtual Stage. Productize HD-quality live streams and on-demand videos at scale.

Live chat, comments and reviews

Enable interactions between audience, organizers, performers or sponsors, during or post your event. The live chat feature during the live streaming of your event creates engagement and holds the interest of your virtual audience wherever they are. Comments can also be shared offline. 

Donations made easy

The Vibrnz Virtual Stage is a unique venue that allows your audience to not only watch the event in the highest quality mode, it also enables them to contribute to your event if you are fundraising for a cause. Donation can be made in a couple of clicks and it does not disturb the event view! Get a quick peek into our Virtual Stage!

Other amazing features!

Display the participant profile, or the performance brochure as a simple link on the streaming screen so your audience can view it anytime with an easy click. This gives a further boost to the sponsor and participant profiles and is excellent for promotional purposes.


Multiple Ticket Levels 

Maximize your event revenue through multi–level ticketing. Add promotional levels like Early bird etc. and incentivize people to buy early. Create separate levels for single and bundled tickets, or add a special pricing for seniors. Use the unlimited levels in multiple ways to gather a bigger audience for your event!

Post Event Monetization

In addition to live streaming your event, monetize through on–demand event experience post the live event. Often time people are unable to attend the live event. No problem! Give them access to the recorded version on the Vibrnz Virtual Stage anytime post event. Access can be limited to only those who buy the event tickets.  



Maximize your donation collection by accepting them before, during and after the event for your fundraising initiatives. Accept donations on the event webpage and on the Vibrnz Virtual Webpage. Share your donation goals and let your donors know where their money is going. 


Promotion Codes and Member discounts

Leverage promotion codes to pass on discounts and maximize ticket collections. Integrate with our membership module to offer free, discounted, or member-only tickets as benefts to your members.


Audience Insights

Track your audience behavior and preferences across tickets types, event types
and create a better experience for them. Easily download the data in excel and save it for future analysis or simply view the data on the Vibrnz event dashboard.  

Promotion effectiveness

Measure the impact of your ads and promotions on ticketing and optimize your promotion spend.


Ticketing Insights

Simplify and optimize your ticketing by tracking sales across ticket levels and ticket types.


Showcase your brand

Do you want to showcase your own brand? Let your attendees get a seamless experience of YOUR brand starting from buying the tickets to watching it virtually. Use your own logo for an End-to-End branded experience. 


Pricing is simple and transparent

Our self-service events platform is free for Event Organizers. By default, service fees are paid by the ticket buyers. 


Service fees

Service fees is a total of Stripe's payment processing fees of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction PLUS (Vibrnz) Platform fees 1% and $0.55 per ticket. If you are a non-profit (verified by Stripe), you might be eligible for a reduced payment processing fee and a reduced platform fee. You can refer to this Stripe link for more info.

Free for free events

All the self service tools to create a branded page, create ticketing levels, and publishing the event for public are available for free. Please note that fees might apply for any customized or premium features.


Reserve seating/Seating chart 

Dynamic seating chart if your event requires your attendees to select seats. Additional fees will apply for this feature.


Offline payments 

You will be able to sell tickets manually from your admin and receive offline payments for your event, record the payment and issue tickets to your attendees. Platform fees will be applicable for offline ticket sales (for payments that are not processed via Vibrnz platform). There will be no payment processing fees.

Concierge Services

Don't have time or support to create your event? Need help with flyers, teasers, video editing etc.? For a fee, we will work with you as your extended staff and provide you the necessary support. 

Vibrnz is a Digital Toolbox for Small Businesses, Non-Profits and Creative Entrepreneurs.

Have questions, or want to learn more? Email us at info@vibrnz.com

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