We are excited to announce our first competitive event in Music and Art - CLASH OF TONES

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Vibrnz is a collaborative network that connects its users to people, opportunities and resources in music, dance and other forms of art

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Clash of Tones
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An experience
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Making a difference
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Find opportunities in music, dance and other forms of art. Customize your search for scholarships, competitions, awards.
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Vibrnz stands poised to offer a truly significant service to the world of the Arts.
- Dr. Andrew P. Millar , Pianist, Doctor of Musical Arts (University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music), Master of Music and Graduate Performer’s Certificate (School of Music, Texas Christian University), Bachelor of Music (School of Music, The University of Auckland), LRSM (Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music), ATCL (Associate of the Trinity College London)—Owner: Studio of Music, LLC Cincinnati, Ohio
Vibrnz has the potential to be an impactful and accessible platform for upcoming artists. I am excited to see how Vibrnz changes the game”
- Avnika Bali , student and emerging vocalist
Oxford, Ohio
Vibrnz will bridge the gap between technology and arts and add immense value for students and teachers. As a mom, I would love to utilize Vibrnz for my child who is a budding Mridangam artist"
- Sunanda Manoharan , Adjunct professor at the University of Cincinnati
“Mini is an amazing organizer with boundless energy. She has a business mindset with a deep appreciation for the arts and values those who produce it. It is with great confidence that I endorse Mini and her organization, Vibrnz , to support artists, musicians, and writers as the vehicle by which to market themselves and their work"
- Amy Gregg , PhD
“Big thank you to Vibrnz - The Vibrant Network for helping to provide entertainment for the residents at Bridgeway Senior Care with some upcoming talent. What a great program, smiles and singing were going across the room! Looking forward to working with them again in the future."
- Johan Naranjo , Activities Director at Bridgeway Senior Care, Hillsborough

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