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Welcome to our Super Simple Event Management Platform! 

A powerful platform for virtual events where you can create, manage and monetize your events, all without any cost to you! Create events with our simple and intuitive event form. Create fundraisers, concerts, workshops, classes, competitions and so many other event types. Make memories with your events that your audience will cherish forever!  



Create and manage events for free! Organize paid or free events, collect donations and unlock revenue streams you never tried before! Raise money for a cause you care about, create price levels for your classes, get paid for your workshops and concerts, and all of this at no cost to you!  


List of Tools

Our intuitive and easy to use event form lets you create a branded experience for your audience. Add your banner, attach a flyer, set up a single or multiple dates, and more. Create a digital brochure for your concert so your viewers can take a peek into the program you have organized for them! Make your sponsors happy by adding sponsor banners to the digital brochure!  



Streaming services


In today's digital world, streaming events for free on various platforms is not an issue! However, it is challenging is to monetize these events. Not any more! You don't need a huge following to be able to start making money on your online events. Just create a paid ticketed event, allow access only to those who buy your tickets and stream your event via Vibrnz! You can even do free events but collect donations to fund your initiative.

Some of the services offered:

* Vibrnz Virtual studio (perfect for interviews, panel discussions, auditions etc. that can be streamed live to social media)

* Stream your events to Vibrnz and monetize by creating a ticketed event and giving paid access only

* Cannot stream on your own? No problem. We can live stream your event for a fee depending on the effort and time involved

* We can help you with post event monetization! Check us out!

Learn more about our event management tools. If you have questions, email us at info@vibrnz.com.

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