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Welcome to our Super Simple One-Stop Virtual Events Platform

A powerful one-stop virtual platform where you can create, manage and monetize your events, without any cost to you! Create free or ticketed events with our simple and intuitive event form. Create fundraisers, concerts, student recitals, workshops, and more. Stream on Vibrnz and get paid for your content. Make memories for your audience that they will cherish forever!

Our Event Tools at a glance!

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Create a customized event page


Our intuitive and easy to use event form lets you create a branded webpage for your audience that can be accessed on any device. Add your banner, attach a flyer, set up a single or multiple dates, and more. Create a digital brochure for your concert so your viewers can take a peek into the program you have organized for them! Make your sponsors happy by adding sponsor banners to the digital brochure! 


Online events page

Stream on Vibrnz and Monetize in multiple ways


In today's digital world, streaming events for free on various platforms is not an issue. However, it has always been a challenge to monetize these events - whether it's a concert, a workshop or a student recital. Not any more!


STream on Vibrnz

Vibrnz Virtual Stage: Stream your events to Vibrnz and monetize by

  • Creating a ticketed event 

  • Choosing to add donation option to your ticketing

  • Setting up authorized access so only who buy tickets get access to the virtual stage

  • Collecting donations while people watch the virtual event

  • Collecting donations post event

Post event: You have the option to continue streaming your event on Vibrnz upto 30 days for free. Only those who buy tickets get access to the event streaming link.

Live streaming: Thanks to today's technology, it is simple to live stream. Hire a professional or DIY using your smart phone! Just ensure you have a quality video camera, a good streaming software and an excellent internet connection. Once you have this in place, choose the RTMPS option for your destination. We will provide you the RTMPS details so your event can start streaming on the "Vibrnz Virtual Stage". 

Stream your video recording: You don't have a live event but would like to use a video recording to stream and create an event experience? No problem. Just Stream your recording using your streaming software to our RTMPS and you are good to go!

Cannot stream on your own? No problem. We can live stream your event for a fee depending on the effort and time involved.

Video Editing and fliers: We are here to help you at every step of your event. Let us know if you need help, and for a small fee we can get you going!

Learn more about our event management tools. If you have questions, email us at info@vibrnz.com.


Create and manage events for free! Organize paid or free events, collect donations and unlock revenue streams you never tried before! Raise money for a cause you care about, create price levels for your classes, get paid for your workshops and concerts, and all of this at no cost to you! Under the default option, patrons pay a service fee that includes our fees of 1% plus $0.55 and the payment processing fees. You have the option of absorbing the service fees. For free events there is no fee.

Streaming and concierge services are priced separately. Click here to view pricing details.


Vibrnz fee for events platform

Have questions? Please email us at info@vibrnz.com. We will reach out to you at the earliest!

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