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Create your own opportunities in Performing Arts

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Every performing artist knows the value of opportunity. If used wisely, it can take your life ahead by years, otherwise, as they say-

Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.
Every artist dream of performing on stage from day one of their learning. As for them, an opportunity is not merely redoing an act one more time, it involves their devotion to their art, how they deal with the inner demons to stand peacefully in front of an audience, the level of discipline they live their lives with and what art means to them. In fact, it is much more and matters differently to every artist. 
Every stage performance is final and a baby step towards new learning. As such, a stage or a platform can teach you faster than any other thing. Having said that, anyone can guess how a lack of opportunity can affect an artist’s life. 

However, here is a ‘Keep your chin up’ call for the artists. Why wait for an opportunity when you can create one? You do not need to hold back for the doors to open when you can build your own door. One of the most effective ways to do this is through digital marketing. In today’s world, it is extremely essential for an artist to have an ability to network and market himself or herself. With this, you can create your personal brand as an artist. 

 Work on your content
The first and foremost thing to grab attention on digital platforms is having good content. Even if you are extremely skilled at performing the art you are pursuing, it is equally essential to ensure the quality of the content. The picture quality, sound, color themes, quality of videos, selecting a suitable background, light and so on. Consider this: you are scrolling through your social media page when you come across a dance being performed to one of your favorite songs, but the video quality is not so great. Will you be comfortable seeing that? Not at all. You will not be able to enjoy it for too long. Finally, we all know how easily, quickly and obviously, we can scroll down to other pages. So, the content must be very creative, captivating and of high quality. In addition to this, if we can add some information in the content, that will be the cherry on the cake. 

The internet is your source of knowledge and inspiration. You can learn from anywhere and accordingly, create your own content. The thing one must keep in mind is that only the niche related stuff must be regularly and continuously updated and one can also make it relatable to current events. Do not put any random updates on the page dedicated to the art form. Also, tag the related pages and people to attract the right audience and obtain leads. You can also raise awareness about your art form by sharing its history and some interesting facts.

With the help of professionals, one can also work on creating SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly content, which is responsible for increasing the traffic on your page. For more help and guidance, refer to theour previous blogs on "Presenting yourself in online events" and "How to plan an online event". 

Create your digital space
You can create your own blog or website. It will be like having your own space in the digital world. A website designed exclusively for you can tell you many things about yourself and your art. Most importantly, it can act as a medium of collaboration between you and other artists and associations.

Creating your own blog can be time consuming and involves learning a lot about digital marketing, if you plan to do it all by yourself. Taking the help of professionals can save you much of your time and energy, which you can ultimately dedicate to your art. 

An even easier and more profitable way of having your exclusive room on the internet is via digital marketplaces. Vibrnz is one such marketplace, which is working particularly to foster the creativity of the artists’ community worldwide in the digital world.

In addition to this, you can also create a page on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to showcase and promote your art. It has a voluminous reach in no time and that too, free of cost. However, one must be aware that every artist uses these platforms to showcase their creativity. 

For guidance, you can refer to our blog on digital marketing.

Monetize your art
You can monetize your art by designing a training course and tutorial for those who are interested in learning from you. You can organize an online workshop targeting experienced or naïve artists separately. 

The best part is that these platforms have a global reach. You can get in touch with other artists in the same field and together organize an event for a certain occasion or for a particular festival. With the help of your art, you can get in touch with the artist community worldwide and initiate a fund raising campaign to support a great cause. In short, you can use your art for philanthropic activities.

Every culture across the world has their own set of performing arts. It could be dance, theatre, music, spoken word, opera or something else. We have seen that these art forms have been passed on from one generation to another generation, and thus they have ruled our world for centuries. Now it is our turn to give them newer and bigger dimensions to help them not only survive but also flourish in today’s world.

Thank you.

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Create your own opportunities in Performing Arts By Surabhi Thakur
When opportunity knocks, open the door and embrace it! Or what is even better? Create opportunities for yourself - but there is a method and a discipline you need to follow. Learn all about it from Surabhi.
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