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surabhi thakur

Indian folk art, Kathak, Creative writing

t s i t r a
I am a self-taught Madhubani artist. I have been practicing this art form for the last two years. The subjects of my interest vary from stories from Indian epics, nature, and activities related to nature, the wildlife, the lives of legends, and day-to-day activities. I also wish to explore the new dimensions of Madhubani to show that this art form is eternal and people of all generations, living in any part of the world, can closely relate to it.
y r a m m u s
Indian folk art
I am an avid follower of folk art forms practiced across the world. These art forms are the expression of human emotions, tradition, culture, and society. The practice of such art forms requires you to be observant of the world around you. I truly cherish this skill and I keep trying to practice this skill through one of the folk art forms called Madhubani. Hope you like it! Views and suggestions are much needed :)
I am a trained classical dancer and have graduated in classical dance form, Kathak from Lucknow Gharana. Along with keeping me fit, this art form has also contributed to my spiritual inclination. So far I have learned that spirituality is just another name of freedom.
Creative writing
I am a freelance content writer. I love creative writing. If you are reading this please visit my blog 'ofsaffronskies.com'. Please let me know if any of my stories proved to be of any help to you. I am sure you will find a part of yourself in my stories.
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