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Vibrnz is a digital solutions platform for the creative community. We empower creative entrepreneurs, non-profits and organizations that promote arts and culture. Our simple to use solutions help with digital branding, managing events, and monetizing content, and are available under one roof.


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Create experiences for your students and your community of parents and patrons. Organize regular recitals and provide your students the opportunity to showcase what they have learnt. Click here to learn more about organizing recitals on Vibrnz.

Expand your student clientele by creating new enagaging classes and workshops. Share your expertise. Organize virtual classes and reach potential students across the globe. Start creating your online class or workshop on Vibrnz! Read more here.

Classses on Vibrnz



SEO friendly event web pages, multiple ticket types, real time sales data, access on multiple devices, ease of collecting money via our secure payment gateway, digital event brochure, integration with streaming services and various other features make Vibrnz a great platform for your events.

Whether you are an artist, a teacher, a musician, a speaker, or an entrepreneur in any field of creativity, our digital tools can help you. Create workshops, classes, meetups, concerts, presentations etc., invite people, and manage your event digitally from start to finish. 

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Create meaningful experiences for your supporters. Make it easy for them to donate and fundraise for your organization. Organize concerts, art exhibitions, talent shows, workshops, or any other fundraising event, and leverage our tools to share your story, set your goals and raise funds. Click here to learn more.

Create fundraisers on Vibrnz


Plan and organize events that bring together people to celebrate diversity in arts and culture through performances, exhibitions, and various theatrical experiences. Vibrnz digital tools can help you end to end starting with auditions, to event registrations, ticketing, and even streaming if the event is hybrid. The tools are simple and no training is needed. Explore the features you can use to make your event a memorable one. 

Community events on Vibrnz

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