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Organize your school recitals professionally and create memorable experiences for your students and their parents. Digital, In-person, or Hybrid, you can use VIBRNZ to organize your school recitals. Our services range from registrations to ticketing to streaming. Check out our offerings below.



Organize your recital efficiently. Collect participation interest using a simple form and avoid any unwanted communication. Gather the information you need from your students such as their availability, talent type, number of guests expected, and any other. Download data. 

Organize recitals efficiently



Create beautiful web pages with your own branding that look good on any device. Invite family and friends. Make it a paid or free event. If you choose to keep the event free, you can add the option to raise donations so families contribute whatever they can towards the school. Highlight student profiles, make the event public or private, and explore multiple other tools.

Recital options



Create your Recital Brochure that will have the program menu, names of all the participants, sponsors (if you have any) and credits to any other individual or entity. Create once and use the brochure multiple times, share it with others!


Program brochure on Vibrnz



Stream your recital online for those who cannot attend the event in-person. You have the option of organizing the recital virtually, in-person or hybrid. If you choose virtual and hybrid, this is a great option to give streaming access only to those who registered. You can take advantage of the donate button on the streaming screen if you are looking for contributions from viewers. 


STudent recitals on Vibrnz



Many teachers have used Vibrnz to organize rectitals and made the recordings available for on-demand viewing. This helped them with post event monetization so families who could not watch the live stream could pay and watch the event recording. Vibrnz event and on-demand solutions integrate seamlessly to enable this with no additional effort. 


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Have questions about organizing your next student recital? Please reach out to us at info@vibrnz.com

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