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Vibrnz is your all-in-one digital platform that will address your event needs ranging from ticketing to streaming to audience engagement. In today's digital world, making your events virtual and hybrid is the new normal. Improve your event ROI by streaming your event to a global audience. Vibrnz will serve not only as your ticketing partner but also as your Virtual Stage. Explore the options and get started!  


Wondering why stream to the "Vibrnz Virtual Stage"? Because you are not just streaming, you are also showcasing your participants and sponsors and using the same setup to accept donations if your event is raising funds.  You are creating an experience for your audience. You are getting the best value for all your efforts whether it is in terms of reaching your fundraising goal or giving your sponsors the bang for their buck! 

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Go hybrid with your in-person event. Live stream it to a global audience! Thanks to the development of technology, live streaming has become easier and more powerful than ever before. Hire a professional to broadcast the event or simply use your phone! You just need a a good video recorder, an excellent internet connection and a professional streaming software. Use your streaming software to broadcast the event to the "Vibrnz Virtual Stage" using the RTMPS option for your destination. We will provide you with the RTMPS details. 

Live stream in-person event


Organizing a virtual event? We can help you organize the event end to end starting with ticketing to streaming your event. Share with us your event recording via email, Google drive, Drop box or any other file sharing software. We will live stream your recording to the "Vibrnz Virtual Stage" customized to engage your audience and to showcase the event participants, sponors, donors and anyone who is an important component of your event via the event brochure.

Live stream event


It is very much possible that many people are unable to attend your in-person or virtual live event. If you live stream your event to the "Vibrnz Virtual Stage", you can use the live stream recording for those who missed the live event. People can still buy the event tickets and get access to the recorded stream for a limited period of time.

Post event streaming

To learn more, click on Event Management Tools for more details. Still have questions? Please email us at info@vibrnz.com

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