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Vibrnz is an easy way for you to sell tickets and collect donations for your online, in-person and hybrid events. It is trusted by thousands across the globe including teachers, artists, students, schools, non-profits and small businesses! Share your story, sell an experience and build a committed audience. 

Easily create an event page that reflects your brand

Start with creating your event webapage. Add a cover banner that reflects the essence of your event and purpose. You have the option to attach a flyer with that has the event details. You can link the event page to your website and your social media platforms so your potential customers can learn more about you and your organization. 


Customize your tickets

Create multiple ticket levels. For e.g. you can create Early bird and Regular, Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, and so on depending on your event type. You can create paid as well as free tickets, add donations etc. These are some excellent ways you can monetize any of your events or create a community of patrons through event registrations even if the event is free. 

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So many awesome features!

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Simple pricing

Our pricing is simple and easy to understand. Our self-service tools are completely free of charge for the event organizers. By default the service fee (including the payment processing fees) is covered by the ticket buyer. If the event is free, there is no fee atall. Premium tools and concierge services carry an additional fee. Streaming services are provided for a fee, depending on the type of service.  

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Explore more tools for your events by clicking here. If you have questions, please email us at info@vibrnz.com.

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