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Provide a unified branding experience to your audience starting with the event web page to the program brochure and finally to the streaming link if the event is virtual or hybrid. Showcase your event across multiple devices. Whether you are organizing a concert, a fundraiser, a student recital, or a community event, personalize your event webpage and start selling tickets.

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Showcase your events on Vibrnz



A few simple tools to create a beautiful shareable event webpage. 

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Vibrnz event showcase  2
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We understand that customer experience and looking good is important for your brand so we have made sure that you can create simple but professional looking webpages for all your events. 

  • Choose from our default event banners or add your own banner to reflect your brand.

  • You have the option of adding your event flier to the webpage.

  • Share your event details including the title, venue and date. Add multiple dates if your event runs over multiple days.

  • Showcase the host and the organizer. Let the attendees know more about the event organizer and what events they have organized in the past or any upcoming events.

  • You have the option of showcasing the participants whether they are artists, educators, speakers, or anyone who is the highlight of the event. Give your attendees a flavor of what's coming up!

  • You can choose to make your event online, hybrid or in-person. For in-person events, both the venue name and map are displayed on the webpage to make sure your guests can find the venue easily.

  • Share the webpage easily on social media.

  • Display ticket quantities remaining to your ticket buyers so it creates a sense of urgency to buy. 

  • We are constantly working on making our webpages SEO friendly including your event page!

  • Want to display your own logo and your brand colors on the webpage (instead of Vibrnz)? Subscribe to our premium service for a small fee and provide your audience a seamless experience purely with your own branding. 

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