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Episode 3-Baithak Culturally Yours

Title: Baithak-Culturally Yours
Episode #3
Produced by:
A3P Connections
Directed by:
International award-winning film director Sunil Babbar.
Video Editing by: Vibrnz
Release date: Feb 27, 2021
Digitally powered by Vibrnz

Watch the episodes on your mobile, computer, or cast it on your TV. Enjoy the show at your convenience from any location as long as you have a good internet connection!

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About the show: "Baithak-Culturally Yours" is an international web show that brings Top Quality talent from across the globe in diverse forms of art including music, dance, and more!

For best experience, please ensure you have a good internet connection. Quality of viewing will be impacted with a poor WIFI or internet connection.

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All comments
Loved the showcase of talent all across the globe !! So happy to be part of this amazing Team Baithak-Culturally Yours !!!
Shweta Vasudeva
Really enjoyed and loved the entire episode! Awesome Pratibha aunty & appreciate everybody’s time & concern here :) Hope to see even more.
Priyanshul Gupta
Very Nice Show Enjoyed
Vijay Phadke
What a deadly combination of conversation, music, glamour and talent from across the globe!!
Mrinalini (mini) Ayachit

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