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sunil babbar

Tv anchor, Film direction, Acting, Business owner

t s i t r a
Sunil Babbar is an International Film Actor/Director based in Mumbai, India. More information is available at the verified Google Knowledge Panel of Sunil here: https://g.co/kgs/9ErS4z Filmography of Sunil is here in this link: https://filmfreeway.com/SunilBabbar
y r a m m u s
Tv anchor
Sunil Babbar is currently “Hosting” the following 3 International Web Shows: 1. Baithak... Culturally Yours 2. Indian...Sunil Babbar 3. Zindagi Offline
Film direction
Sunil Babbar is currently directing three International Feature Films namely “RED ZONE”, “Suryodaya/Dawn” and “POWER OF PUNJAB”. All three films are set to release in the years 2021/22. An International Web Show “BAITHAK...Culturally Yours”, directed by Sunil Babbar is streaming on ‘Vibrnz’. “Indian...Sunil Babbar” and “Zindagi Offline” are the two other International Web Shows of Sunil which are slated for Digital Release in August 2021.
Sunil Babbar is an International Award Winning Film Actor/Director working in the Indian and American Film Industries (https://g.co/kgs/9ErS4z). Sunil Babbar produced, directed and acted in the two American International Awards Winning Indian English Feature ‘Ants’ and is currently acting/ directing the on floor International Feature Films “Red Zone”, “Suryodaya/Dawn” and “Power of Punjab”
Business owner
Sunil Babbar is the owner of “POMY FILMS” a Film Production Company based in India.
s l l i k s

Department of Indian Theatre, Punjab University, Chandigarh
Apr-1982 To Mar-1983

Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra
Apr-1979 To Mar-1982


Pomy Films
Aug 1999 - Present
Cinema is an expression of my inner being. May it be a film named “Ants” or a web show named “Baithak... Culturally Yours”, they reflect the course of my journey within. Films like “Red Zone”, “Power of Punjab”, “Suryodaya” or web shows like “Indian” and “Zindagi Offline” are simply the different dimensions of my long search of my own being. This journey continues...



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