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Overcoming Stage Fear

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When your feet start getting colder and you sense the uneasiness of being minutely observed by thousand people, all the lights are on you and you are left only with two options, either enjoy the attention or run away. Well running away does not sound so much fun, does it? Therefore, the only thing left is to enjoy yourself!

Not as easy though, as it sounds…

Anxiety, fear, hesitation, nervousness are feelings all of us deals with. However, handling these things when you are on stage with all eyes on you is an art. So being a performing artist myself, I would say that the art of overcoming stage fear is a part of learning every performing art. 

Let us discuss some of the important tips helpful in overcoming stage fear.  

Practice well. The right respect for your art and your audience is the thorough practice of the piece of art you are going to present. With discipline, dedication and hard work, your practice will give you faith to envelop your fear. A mirror plays an important role while practicing performing art. Never shy away from the mirror even when you are having a bad day and you feel ugly. Observe each and every move and posture meticulously in the mirror. Also, practice in front of loved ones or the people you trust and do not demur from constructive criticism. Ask for feedback and work on your weaknesses. 
Have your thoughts clear. Think about how you want your audience to feel while watching your performance. Try to make them feel that zeal for your art. Think of their benefits. Think of what should be the ‘take away’ for them. Commit yourself to convey the beauty your art possesses and sincerely express yourself. Your good intentions will give you positivity that will eventually help you to perform better. Never should you have thought of mocking or pretending anything on the stage.
Arrive well before your event. If possible, practice on the stage when there is no audience so that you can get acclimatized with the stage floor, the environment and the vibe of the place. You can scrutinize the size of the stage to decide how you can own it to deliver your art form in the finest way. 
Begin your performance well. Practice the beginning more than your complete performance. Practice your entry on the stage with the right gait and complete confidence. 
Communicate with your audience. Initial anxiety is very normal. Need not be afraid of that. Take some time to attain composure and get comfortable on the stage. Introduce yourself. Share what you feel about being there. For example, while you are introducing yourself to your audience and you are nervous, just take a pause and say, “I am sorry. I am feeling nervous.” Take a couple of deep breaths and start over again.
Always record your performance while practicing so that you can judge it yourself. This will help you identify the mistakes that you otherwise might not notice and will prove very efficient while you deliver your artwork, whether offline or online.
Get the help of meditation, stretches and exercises to relax your whole body. Have a habit of practicing these things so that you can apply them efficiently during high time. Practice Yoga for the right posture, balance of body and calmness of mind. Practice meditation to keep yourself relaxed and to keep your mind in your control. It will also help you to live in the present moment, stay centered, focused, calm and confident.
Learn to enjoy the attention. Enjoy your space on the stage. Do not be in a hurry to get down. Keep your thoughts where your body is and let the creativity in you unfold smoothly.
Look up to other artists for inspiration. Wherever you get in touch with the people in the same art form, try to learn from them. They are the ones going through the same situation as you are. Have a learning attitude while observing them and at the same time abstain from copying anyone.
Know that it is okay to mess up. It is also okay to feel vulnerable. To err is to be human. So it is completely fine if you slip off or make mistake somewhere. Admit your flaws and move on gracefully. Your audience will appreciate a perfect act but they will surely be inspired to see you handling your drawbacks so well. So rock it anyways. You will look inspiring and endearing when you manage yourself well in a state of anxiety.
Avoid hiding your anxiety instead learn to manage it. If you try to hide your anxiety, you might end up overdoing things or you might drift away from focusing on your act. Whether on-stage or off-stage, learn to manage yourself with all your feelings. It is okay if you shake. Your commitment to your art is more than your fear. Go with the commitment, the fear will go away gradually.
Lastly, always remember that fear only exist in your mind. If you can get it out from there, it doesn’t exist. So practice these tips to deal with your inside fear but above all believe in the beauty of your art.

If you found this article helpful, kindly let us know what is stopping you from winning the stages all over the globe. With the help of Vibrnz, you can create your own platform where you can get in touch with artists from any part of the world.

We are in the perfect times when we have a mighty digital world out here. Let us connect, let us inspire and rock the stage of the world.

 Thank You!


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Overcoming Stage Fear - By Surabhi Thakur
Performing live in front of an audience is not everyone's cup of tea. It needs confidence and tons of hardwork. Surabhi, a performing artist herself, shares her thoughts.
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