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Mandala - A Healing Cosmos

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The last time when I visited him, I saw him at his lowest.
Under intense frustration and extreme disappointment.
He then left the city.
Today, after two long years, he invited me to his hometown to visit his art gallery.
We met, we hugged.
He then took me straight in front of a large canvas and said,
“See this. My masterpiece. For me, this is an ‘art of life’ and an ‘art for life’…
With a pause, he added, “for a good life.”

 Art for a good life! Yes, I can say this about a profoundly pursued art form, the Mandala. This tiny tale must have provoked a few thoughts in your mind. So read on. Let us see how this art form relates to the story.

Mandala is an art, which was invented by the people in the service of one of the greatest religions of the world, Buddhism. The earliest evidence of Mandala traces back to the 1st century B.C. The Mandala was designed to embellish the spiritual spaces and was used as an element to aid the process of meditation.

The meaning of the word Mandala is ‘circle’. A circle is believed to be a spiritual symbol of the Universe, cosmos, totality, wholeness, oneness and all eternal cyclic orders. It is perceived as a guiding path for becoming one with self and the state of complete balance. As such, drawing Mandala is not just an art but also a form of meditation. A therapy.

A Mandala is a geometric design of concentric circles that are adorned with beautiful shapes and patterns. The making of a Mandala involves creativity, mindfulness, discipline, dedication and devotion. In Buddhism and Hinduism, it is also used for denoting enlightenment. The concentric geometrical designs help one to direct all the awareness to the center and absorb the mind to direct all energies on oneself.

This art form is drawn with the help of basic geometric apparatus like compass and protractor. The design comprises abstract objects, people, places, flowers, animals and ideas depending on personal choice.

Another beautiful aspect of this art form is that you can make your personalized sacred circles. No Mandala is right or wrong. You can make this art form purely in accordance with your own intuitive sense and your idea of the world. Only you can design or choose the most beneficial Mandala for yourself, the one that feels right, that makes you feel lively and empowered, the one that tells your story to the world. 

It is believed that having a Mandala motif at home brings luck, growth, good fortune and abundance. It helps you get away from negative energy, chaotic thoughts and unwelcomed emotions. It improves concentration and helps grow creativity. 

Well, wondering how it helps? How it heals? How can you convert your canvas to a healing cosmos? I would say do not look for the answers to these questions. Just start practicing Mandala and rest assured. You will have all your questions answered.

The world is Mandala. You can design your own Mandala and so can you design your own world. 

Stay focused. Stay empowered.

Thank You! 



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