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Crowdfunding your creative projects

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The mind is full of creativity, ready to hit the dart,
But we are waiting for adequate funds to start.
Well, at the end of the tunnel, there is always a light,
Accompany your art with a fund of delight.

Crowdfunding is one of those activities where you raise funds with a purpose. And if you have a creative purpose at hand, it’s the cherry on the cake!

We all have a creative self within, regardless of what we do for a living. Whether we are in an artistic profession or not, we always feel connected to art. Art is an expression of life. All the emotions of life can be expressed through it, and thus it is for and about each one of us. 

Art is the reflection of society, and so somewhere deep within, every artist feels responsible for contributing socially. Every artist has a set of ideas to showcase to the world. However, the funds or the investments are the only roadblocks that usually act as a turndown for most of the ideas and imaginations popping up in their minds. 

Crowdfunding can be a great solution to this problem. In the mighty digital world, crowdfunding is even more simplified and very well targeted. You can create a platform or page to make people aware of your initiative and easily target the right people to support your cause. 

In crowdfunding, money is collected for a project or an initiative from a large number of people, each contributing a certain amount for a limited time period. Primarily, crowdfunding is a financial tool, but it comes with a number of benefits and it can quickly contribute to your cause. It might sound like any other fundraising activity, but let me tell you, it is much more than that. A crowd with a vested interest and passion is far more than just funds. 

Crowdfunding can substantially help in achieving the scalability of your project. With global reach-out, you can target the potential audience and investors in no time. The following are some pointers for running a successful crowdfunding campaign for artists:

· Create a catchy and memorable caption for your project. Choose a title that people can easily connect with. 
· Plan an engaging and attractive campaign. Voice your objectives through various social media pages. Explain the influence your art can have on society.
·  Mention a timeline within which you aim to achieve your monetary targets.
·  Update your backers and donors on a regular basis. Show them gratitude and the progress you are making consistently. Keep in touch with them throughout and even after the end of the project.
·       Another benefit of crowdfunding is that, once you successfully impress your audience through the event, you can always expect the crowd to contribute to your next or upcoming events. Not only that, but they can help raise awareness about your art and your initiative.

We are all aware that cast, culture, region, religion, country, or ethnicity do not bind art enthusiasts. Who knows? The art form you are practising in your sweet little room is being deeply admired by someone sitting in another corner of the world. Someone may be eager to contribute to the art in any way they can.

Vibrnz is one such platform where you can create a fundraiser in a few minutes with a few simple steps, and that too, for absolutely free. Here you can utilise this financial tool, empowered with multiple digital tools.

So dear artists, with hard work, it is equally essential to do smart work. With just a few clicks, you can gather a crowd from across the world to fund your dream project and empower your creativity with crowdfunding. 

 Thank you.

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Crowdfunding your creative projects By Surabhi Thakur
In continuation with the previous blog that introduces you to the basics of crowdfunding, this blog shares specifically how artists can use crowdfunding to fund their initiatives.
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