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Calligraphy – The pen is your friend!

Vibrnz blog photos
Vibrnz blog photos
 A dying art form

In today’s age of growing digital influence on day to day life, Calligraphy is a dying art form. But if you have ever been fascinated by the beauty of a well-designed movie title or the title logo of your favorite soft drink or If you find yourself drifting to the pen/pencil/drawing isle when you visit Staples and drool over the various pen nibs and colors, you may be a calligrapher at heart! 
Calligraphy or ‘beautiful writing’ developed in many cultures over the centuries as an art form, a method of encryption or even as a medium of devotion.  The brush strokes of the Chinese, the extravagant ‘Thuluth’ script of the Arabs and the Gothic lettering of Western Europe are some of the examples. The end result of a well-executed calligraphic work is awe-inspiring in its beauty, structure and detail.  But once you break it down, it comes down to and few fundamental strokes carefully put together by the artist based on his/her vision and imagination.  While there are many standard templates and pre-set fonts available, in calligraphy you are limited only by your imagination.  

Calligraphy has been a source of immense joy and a stress buster for me for over 20 years.  Ever since I was introduced to the wonderful world of beautiful writing at the age of 13, I have been hooked.  Thanks to inspiration from numerous artists in India and abroad, I enjoyed creating numerous works like hand-written invitations, greeting cards, product logos etc. in different languages over the years. 
I am keen to share my learnings with budding calligraphers of all ages in our community.  With a little guidance and systematic practice regimen, I am sure you’ll experience the same sense of satisfaction and spiritual high that I did with this art form.

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Art blog by Brijesh Gopinath
Brijesh is an artist and a musician. Here he pens his thoughts about calligraphy - a visual art related to writing and how he relaxes himself through this art form.
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