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brijesh gopinath

Oil painting, Charcoal drawing, Creative writing, Graphic design, Guitar, Music arrangement, Music composition, Calligraphy art, Bass guitar, Keyboard
Montgomery, NJ

t s i t r a
Artist and musician. My interests in art include Calligraphy and painting/drawing in various media like oil, charcoal, alcohol markers, digital etc. Off late, I have been focusing on realism, but I enjoy all forms of art! As a musician, I play the bass guitar, rhythm guitar and keyboards. I am also part of a band that does shows to raise money for charity.
y r a m m u s
Oil painting
Enjoy painting land scapes and still life
Charcoal drawing
focusing on realism using charcoal
Creative writing
Short stories and scripts suitable for short films
Graphic design
Designs for websites, event posters, banners, logos, invitation cards, visiting cards and letter heads (hand drawn or using photoshop or similar tools)
Acoustic and electric - primarily rhythm
Music arrangement
Arranging music for a band focusing on classic Hindi film music
Music composition
Music for jingles, ads and albums
Calligraphy art
Calligraphy in Arabic, Devnagiri and English
Bass guitar
Bass player in a charity band
Keyboard player for Indian music; Currently arranging music and playing for a charity band
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