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Organize in-person events effortlessly on Vibrnz. We have the tools you need to plan and manage your event. From a beautiful event web page to ticketing to digital brochure, our platform is easy to use and it is free for event organizers! Our events platform is trusted by thousands of event organizers including teachers, artists, non-profit organizations, schools and others.

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Showcase your event

Create beautiful event web pages that can be accessed on any device and customize them to showcase your own brand. Showcase profiles of the event participants so your attendees know what to expect. Use the photo gallery to add images from the past events or images of the venue. 


Brochure for events

Create a digital brochure for your event. Create once and distribute multiple times without spending an extra penny! Share the brochure easily using QR code. Showcase the program menu, participants and the sponsors in your digital brochure. Give sponsors the bang for their bucks. Highlight their brand on the brochure and link it to their website.  


Vibrnz is an easy way for you to sell tickets and collect donations for your in-person events. Create multiple level tickets including promotional tickets like Early bird etc. Add the option to donate if your event supports a cause. 

Payouts - Link your Vibrnz account to our payment processing gateway Stripe and receive the payouts directly to your Stripe account without any delay. Receive notifications for every ticket bought and every payment that comes in. Check the payment status anytime on your Events Dashboard to stay up to date. 

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As your event approaches, you can send one or more reminder emails to all your registered attendees. The reminder email includes the event and order details for the benefit of those who bought the tickets. You also have the fexibility to add a personalized message, if needed, to the email. Order confirmations are emailed automatically to the ticket buyer as soon as the ticket purchase is complete. Customer data is saved and can be viewed and downlaoded anytime from your events dashboard for future reference or communication. Check-in process is made easy with QR code scanning.


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In today's digital world, why to restrict your event to a local audience. Live-stream your event globally. For more details on how you can make your IN-PERSON event HYBRID, please click here.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at info@vibrnz.com.


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