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Visual Perspectives-with Aylin Green

Welcome to the first edition of Visual Perspectives. The episode was premiered at 10:30 am on Nov 1 exclusively for those who registered.

Thank you for the donations. All donation proceeds have gone to the WWAC.

Aylin Green,  executive director of the West Windsor Arts Council (WWAC) and a mixed media artist based in New Jersey. She focuses on exploring mythologies, dreams, scientific theories, and interpretations of events while gathering inspiration from the crusty tables of flea markets, the sewing boxes of fashionable women, and the colorful graffiti of city streets. She has participated in several public iron pours, including at Art All Night and Grounds For Sculpture. For more about Aylin, please visit her website.

The interview is hosted by Spriha Gupta, mixed media artist.
You can view her profile here.

The interview will be followed by the following classes.

1. Drawing class (Learn how to make a Unicorn!) conducted by Katie Truk, Teaching Artist.
Recommended for age group: 5-8 yrs
Materials needed: Paper, pencil, eraser, color pencils, crayons to color in once you finish the drawing
About Katie: Katie Truk received her BFA from Alfred University. She has been teaching multi-media classes to children and adults of all ages and levels since 2001 through personal lessons, visiting artist grants and in places such as Creative Hands in Madison, Let’s Create in Boonton, Messy Artist in South Orange, Visual Art Center in Summit, and the West Windsor Art Center in West Windsor. In her studio the medium of choice is pantyhose.

2. Doodling class by Eleni Litt, Teaching Artist.
A relaxing meditative class for adults. You don’t need to think of yourself as an artist to explore this intuitive free-form art practice. Join Eleni for art making where you'll learn new techniques, reflect on life and treat yourselves to some playful time. No Art Experience Necessary!
Materials needed :paper, an art journal, pencils, pens, markers, crayons, oil pastels, water color, acrylic paints, brushes, cups for water, paper plates for palettes.
About Eleni: Eleni Litt is an artist-teacher who tells a story or expresses a feeling with line, color, and form. She loves making art in the community and offers workshops and short courses to people of all ages. She has a Certificate in Fine Arts from the Parsons School of Design, a Certificate in Creative Arts Therapies from The New School, a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the London School of Economics (UK), and a BA in Art History from Reed College.


All comments
Wonderful interview showcasing brilliant mixed media artwork! Painting, sculpture and other art forms are considered to be the repository of a society's collective memory! Looking forward to more such interviews in near future!
Rahul Gupta
Thank you Eleni! That was great!
Mrinalini (mini) Ayachit
Thanks Katie for the wonderful class! That sure must be fun for a lot of kids!
Mrinalini (mini) Ayachit
Thank you Aylin for sharing about your passion!
Mrinalini (mini) Ayachit
Registered for the event but did not donate? No problem. Just click on the donate button above and you can donate any amount, anytime while watching or after! All donations for this event will go to The West Windsor Arts Council, NJ. Thank you for your support.
Mrinalini (mini) Ayachit
Can't wait to watch!
Mrinalini (mini) Ayachit

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