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Shravya Kamaraju

Shravya Kamaraju is singer and songwriter.  She started learning piano and voice since she was 5 years old. Today she is a freshman in college. Even though professionally she is on a path to pursue medical, her passion for singing is unrelenting.

Shravya released her first EP last week and continues to work tirelessly on improving her voice, guitar and piano skills. Her teachers have played an important role in her growth as a musician.

Music has always been a huge part of her life, especially singing and piano. She was trained in western classical music but then eventually started singing more r&b and pop. She was always fascinated by the experiences and soul artists encased in their songs. Singing people’s songs allowed her to connect with them on an emotional level through her own experiences.

Shravya believes that regardless of the genre or the culture a song stems from, music connects people simply through the melodies or the lyrics of a piece and that's a concept that will never not blow her away and is a concept that continues to motivate her to sing, write and explore the world of music!

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