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Roses are Blooming

Title“Roses Are Blooming” - Using colorful tissue paper. Ms. Eileen will show you how to create life like flowers by scrunching and wrapping paper around a stiff stem.
Supplies needed: White glue, wire or pipe cleaners, pencil n tip, BIC Ball point pen,  (rainbow) tissue gift paper, scissors, floral tape or thin packing or masking tape, heart shaped template, (optional) acrylic clear spray,  (outside only).
Duration: 30 mins approx.
If you like the video, and would like to donate, just click on the donate button and proceed. All  donations from this videos will go to Ms. Eileen.

Ms. Eileen is an art teacher with over 20 years of experience. Her style is very freeform and she doesn't limit herself to standard conventional art. One of Ms. Eileen's core strengths is that she is able to easily relay her artistic thoughts and ideas directly to her students. Her passion and creativity flows from her experience and the artist in her is constantly inspired by various themes that surround her (Nature , Seasons, Holidays etc.).

If you like the video and would like to donate to the artist, you can do that at any time using the "donate" button.

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