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Online Teaching-Panel Discussion

Our panel discussion with teachers  is about the opportunities and challenges of Online teaching.

Post COVID, a lot of educational activity has switched to online. Is this the new normal or most of it will change back to the pre-COVID times, we don't know. Nevertheless, we all have to adapt to the new digital world. Education in all the fields has been impacted to a large extent as all the teachers and institutions have to make adjustments and move to various online platforms. And even though it has been challenging to make the switch, it has brought in new opportunities as the digital world has no boundaries.

Checkout the discussion as our teacher panelists Sanghita Chakraborty, Eileen Rothstein and Phani Jayanthi Sen share their views.

Hosting the panel is Mini Ayachit.

If you would like to contribute and be part of such a panel, please email us at info@vibrnz.com or submit this form and we will get back to you promptly. 

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