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Nada Yoga with Hasu Patel

Session Title: Nada Yoga - Music as Yoga
Series: Explore Hindustani Music with Hasu Patel
Musician Hasu Patel is generously sharing the knowledge that she has gathered over the past several years as a musician. She will be teaching various concepts of Hindustani Classical Music in these live sessions. So if you are a beginner or want to brush up your knowledge in the field or simply enjoy some musical moments, join Hasu Patel for her short 30 mins sessions.

Here are the topics that will be explored in this session:

1: OM – The music of Spheres – The Primal energy 

2: Music as sound – Nada – Manifestation of Nada

3: Connection of Nada to Mind – Music, the Yoga of Mind

4: Seven Chakras – Vibrational Centers – connection to Music

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