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Krisha Bhatt and Karthikk Voruganti

Welcome to Artstanding! A forum that showcases the outstanding artist in you!

 We proudly present two young musicians Krisha Bhatt and Karthikk Voruganti in this concert.

Krisha Bhatt
is a voice student and has been learning vocal for multiple years from Smt. Lalita Mathur.
Krisha is a also a contestant in Clash of Tones 2020! Good luck to her!

Karthikk Voruganti
is a piano student and has also been learning for multiple years from Ms. Naomi Sestak.

You can view teacher profiles by clicking on the links above.

Enjoy the concert on Sunday, May 31st at 10:30 am US Eastern time.

If you want to showcase your talent, please email us or submit this audition form!

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