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Heart 2 Heart with Krisha Bhatt

A remote conversation  with Krisha.....

In this edition of Heart 2 Heart,  it is our pleasure to introduce to you Krisha Bhatt, student and aspiring singer. She has a passion for learning various genres of music, even as her current focus is on Indian classical and Bollywood. Like other kids, Krisha is involved in multiple activities apart from her academics. But with her drive to learn and with the support of her teacher and parents, she is determined to move forward with her passion.
Krisha learns singing from Smt. Lalita Mathur, Indian classical vocalist based in New Jersey. She graciously shared her thoughts on music and about her school. You can learn more about the teacher and her music school by clicking on her profile above.

This interview was conducted remotely due to social distancing . As you can imagine, it wasn't easy to coordinate, but finally with everyone's efforts and hard work, it turned out just fine!

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