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Heart 2 Heart with Hasu Patel

Hasu Patel, composer, performer and educator, is one of the few world-class female artists performing today Classical Music on sitar, the most popular string instrument of India. Hasu plays Sitar in a very special style known as Gayaki Ang (vocal style), where the sitar replicates the fluidity and subtle nuances of the human voice. She has dedicated her life to preserving and propagating in its pristine purity, the fascinating, and highly evolved classical music of Ancient India.

It is our pleasure at Vibrnz to share Hasu Patel's story in her own words.

Sangeeta Hebbar is a technology pro and hobby artist and based in Illinois. The beauty of this digital world is that it doesn't matter where you are. You can connect with anyone globally!

Hasu Patel will be sharing her journey with Sangeeta. Enjoy!

For questions, please email us at info@vibrnz.com

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