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Father's Day Special

This is a very special June edition of Heart 2 Heart. It is our Father's Day Special and it is all about drumming!

Jaclyn, majoring in arts and communication interviewed her father Michael R. Ilcyn (Sr.) and her brother Michael W. Ilcyn (Jr.). Both are drummers and great musicians based in New Jersey.

They shared all about when they started drumming, who inspired them, the need to be disciplined in whatever you do, how watching live concerts was a big part of their lives and so much more!

Michael (Jr.) made a very important point about practice. According to him, "practice does not always make it perfect, practice makes it permanent." If you practice something wrong, you have to unlearn it, and that is not easy at all. Hence learning the right way, having the right teacher and a good mentor is extremely crucial if you want to develop a skill set.

You don't want to miss this wonderful family conversation! We would like to thank Jaclyn Ilcyn for her time and effort and for sharing these precious moments with us. We would also like to thank Robert W. Ilcyn who edited the video for us. Our best wishes for the entire Ilcyn family!

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