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Eshan, Sohum and Sumit

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We are proud to present an online Tabla (Indian percussion) concert presented by the students of Pandit Suryaksha Deshpande. To know learn more about the teacher, please click on the profile link above.

The three students: Soham, Eshan, and Sumit will be presenting a solo in taal Jhaptaal. Several of the compositions in their performance today revolve around the concept of “Murchana”, where a composition is played such that it sounds as if it is from a taal different than the one it is actually being played in. Today’s performance makes use of this by entering into “Tisrajaati”, which involves the the fitting of 6 laggus or bols into 1 maatra or beat. In the Peshkaar, the three will also enter “Sankirnajaati”, which fits 9 laggus into 1 maatra. The use of these techniques allows for the feeling that the compositions are being played in the 15 maatra taal: Pancham Sawaari, while in reality, the frame remains that of the 10 maatra taal: Jhaptaal. The performance will begin with a peshkaar, followed by a couple of kaydas and a rela, and will proceed to end off with a few tukdas. With that in mind, we hope you enjoy their performance.

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