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Draw a Palm Tree

Session 1: How to draw a tropical palm tree and a realistic capture of the human eye.
Supplies needed: Paper, #2Pencil. Color Pencils (optional)

As the Flower Drum song goes....."A hundred million miracles are happening every day....."
"A hundred million miracles" is a series of creative expressions demonstrated  by a very experienced artist and entertainer Ms. Eileen Rothstein. The series is free, for all age groups who want to dabble in various arts and crafts. The series will be live streamed on Facebook, YouTube and Vibrnz every last Monday of the month.

Ms. Eileen is an art teacher with over 20 years of experience. Her style is very freeform and she doesn't limit herself to standard conventional art. One of Ms. Eileen's core strengths is that she is able to easily relay her artistic thoughts and ideas directly to her students. Her passion and creativity flows from her experience and the artist in her is constantly inspired by various themes that surround her (Nature , Seasons, Holidays etc.).

If you like the video and would like to donate to the artist, you can do that at any time using the "donate" button.

For questions, please email info@vibrnz.com

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