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Amy Clarkson

Continuing with our Mental Health Awareness series, it is our pleasure to bring to you Amy Clarkson, music therapist based in Hillsborough, New Jersey. Amy is a board-certified music therapist with multiple years of clinical experience including working with children and adults facing social and emotional challenges. She is also an adjunct faculty in the music therapy program of Montclair State University, New Jersey. Amy is also the owner of  Creative Flow Therapy Services LLC, and co-founder of the Creative Flow Therapy Program. Their aim is to provide a compassionate, therapeutic environment in which the creativity of each individual is given room and encouragement to flourish and flow freely. Click here to learn more.

In this video Amy talks about the growing stress and emotional problems among all age groups. As COVID-19 has brought a new reality and forced all of us to follow social distancing, and people facing different kinds of challenges- both emotional and economic, mental health issues have increased drastically. Amy shared how Music therapy could help. 

Please reach out to Amy for therapy services as provided on her website. 

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