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Eshani Goswami-COT-2020

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Eshani Goswami is the Grand winner of Clash of Tones 2020. She participated in Piano at the Junior level in classical and non-classical categories. She won the highest score in the non-classical category. (Highest across all levels and categories).
Judges gave Eshani excellent scores. Their feedback helped Eshani improve her shortcomings.

Eshani won a grand trophy, a cash prize, a star trophy and an opportunity to perform in a Vibrnz online concert. Eshani was also able to share a message with her friends and family.

Appreciate Eshani and her parents in terms of their support and attention the the contest details. Eshani re-submitted and showcased her creativity in presentation and earned bonus points. She also received bonus points for each month from the  month the contest started.

Our special thanks to Eshani's teacher Ms. Naomi Sestak for guiding her and connecting her with opportunities. You can view her profile above.

Giving the trophy is Mrinalini (Mini) Ayachit, the founder and CEO of Vibrnz.

We wish Eshani good luck and hope to reaches heights in piano and wherever her passion lies.

Best wishes from the Vibrnz Team. For more updates on COT 2020, follow our Facebook page

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