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Artwork by Sangeeta Hebbar

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In her own words......

"We are hearing and surrounded by news which is not pleasant by any standards. It’s easy to let negative thoughts and feelings creep in during the COVID-19 pandemic.

World has changed, and people are disillusioned. Feeling nervous and being scared is a natural feeling.

I am a full time working woman who would have a usual busy day with kids, office, home, etc.  But after the lockdown, most of us are working from home.  This has given me some time for introspection as well as some spare time to keep a positive mindset and delve into activities I enjoy. 

I heard someone said recently, “Have an attitude that looks for the positive and tries to be optimistic can help you to filter out some of the constant barrage of bad or discouraging news”.  Well, with that, I picked up my paint brushes and started painting again.  It helped me stay busy, focused, happy and feeling creative.

Some of my amateurish artwork recently, which I have tremendously enjoyed painting. "

-Sangeeta Hebbar

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