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Artwork by Krishna Kamaraju

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"Sense the Essence" : Every month we will post an artwork on our Facebook page. Guess the essence or title of the artwork, respond to our post and connect with the artist. If you get it right you will be digitally recognized for your creative imagination!
Happy to start  with this beautiful painting by Krishna Kamaraju. Krishna is a full-time technology professional. He likes spending his free time creating abstract paintings and blends them together to express complex emotions.
According to Krishna, "The painting is about a parent conveying to his/her child that life is about balance - hence in the center of the painting you can see both a balance and a parent child. Its a balance between the turbulence and the calm, between the black moods and the light of hope and to look for beauty and bigger picture during the “ down” time".
People guessed the essence as  "Balance", "Thrill", "Waterfall", "Global meltdown".....look at the different perspectives!
Also showing Krishna's second painting "Morning Raga".

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