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Artwork by Angie Assal

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For April "Sense the Essence", Angie Assal has shared her digital artwork. Checkit out and share your views!

"Sense the Essence" is an an initiative to promote local artists and their artwork through audience engagement. Guess the title and essence of the artwork shared and provide your perspectives. It is amazing to see how diverse everyone's imagination is.

According to Angie: "This piece is actually layers of medical scans - a platelet, a slide from an ovarian tumor, and bordered with a spine x Ray. I’ve recently decided to start partnering with those I know in the medical field to create pattern work like this. The medical field is designed to keep us alive, and I feel art gives us inspiration to live. This was the first piece I did in this realm and I’m excited to make more. It’s still untitled! But conceptually, my goal was more to show my doctor friends that what they see through their microscope is and can be art."

Now that is such a unique way of exploring art....!

Thank you to all who participated and contributed towards inspiring an artist. Angie also makes some awesome jewelry. Checkout her profile and reach out to her to place your order!

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