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You Don't Win Music....

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You Don't Win Music: The Finite & Infinite Game

Music has no finish line. You can set goals and create practice routines with desired outcomes which then creates a finite objective. However, music itself is infinite.
All of us musicians are players within the larger infinite game and our goals mostly are finite. We envision landing  a great gig, making the cut in the audition, becoming the best guitarist (insert your instrument)! These are all goals that are worth attaining! Stop to consider what happens the day after the goal has been attained. We ask ourselves whats next, and in some cases we find a state of depression taking hold.
The key to avoiding this trap? Stop thinking of the short game and immerse yourself in the long game. Stop comparing yourself to others and instead work on your legacy. Work to encompass and greater sense of accomplishment by sharing your gift, by creating art that will continue to be present even after you have passed away from this world. Seek to find a path that can benefit all so that we may push our boundaries and explore our potential.
Although the infinite player understands they are ahead at times while behind at other times, they will recognize that the infinite game can and will certainly lead to great success! Why? Because the finite game of trying to outdo others creates small success along the way, but pushing towards creating a legacy creates massive success that continues well beyond our years.
Thanks to Simon Sinek for the inspiration in writing this blog post.

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Bob Ross is a Musician who has created a lifestyle that is immersed in performing and teaching.
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