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Ways to Unlock Your Inner Artist

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Ways to Unlock Your Inner Artist

It often feels very easy to dismiss your creative side and deem yourself not artistic because of the way you have been taught that art can only be perceived as “good” or “bad” by our world, when really what makes art “good” or “bad” is completely up to you and no one else. Everyone has an inner artist who is capable of creating art consistently, you just have to be willing to tap into your creative side. But not everyone knows how to unlock their inner artist, so this list has been compiled for those who may need the extra inspiration to pick up the pen or paintbrush and begin their artistic journey.
1. Say Yes. Any new opportunity that comes your way is a chance to expand your mind and thus expand your artistic vision. Your friend asks you to go to the new art museum that's opening up, say yes. Your friend asks to go see a new movie at your local independent film theater, say yes. Who knows, maybe that movie you saw with your friend will inspire you to start your new screenplay. Maybe going to the new art museum will inspire you to paint that blank canvas you bought months ago. The more you say yes to things the more your mind can grow, expanding upon your artistic vision. 

2. Keep a Journal. Being able to write down your thoughts to clear your head will clear up room for your artistic side to be able to work. Keeping a journal is key to unlocking your inner artist. Being able to write down your thoughts and new ideas wherever you are will help you to keep track of your ideas and thoughts. You never know when a great idea might strike you, so keep a journal and write in it as much as possible.

3. Take Pictures of Everything. Taking pictures might seem like its just for people who are looking to be in film or photography but really it can be used by anyone. If you see a pretty tree, take a picture of it, if you love the way your friend looks that day, take a picture of them. The world around us can be our biggest inspiration so being able to capture it in the moment and look back on it to pull inspiration from can be an artist’s best tool.

4. Go outside. In our technological world it is easy to dismiss the great outdoors as potential inspiration when we have access to so many different artist’s great work at the tip of our fingers. But where do the greats like Van Gogh and Monet go to paint and gain inspiration? Outside! Going outside can not only provide you with an array of inspiration through all the colors and people and nature you might see, but it also can help to clear your mind of any thoughts that might be blocking your inert artist from working.

5. Find a New Artist You Love. It is becoming increasingly easier to expand your artistic palette through the use of social media. We no longer have to look to museums, movie theaters, concerts, etc. to find great artists, now great artists can be a click away on our phones. Finding new artists can help you discover what you do and don’t like in terms of creating your own art. Using social media to discover all the different art forms/art there are out there can be an artists’ most useful tool.

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By Baker McNamara, Media Studies and Production major
Baker shares his thoughts about how everyone has an inner artist and that it is just a matter of tapping your creative side and unlocking your potential without fear.
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