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Value of Art

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Buy what speaks to you....

Value of Art: How to value an art piece? How do we know that we are paying the right price? Did we get ripped off for a recent painting purchase? I am often asked such questions from clients and friends. If there was one simple way to understand this, I would have gladly offered as an easy answer!

But the fact remains that buying art and understanding the real value of an art piece has many layers involved. Is it an original art or a copy of original? Is the artist established or emerging? Is it signed or not? What is the genre of work? Is it traditional, contemporary, abstract, conceptual etc? What kind of medium is it, oil, acrylic, watercolors? The size of painting, no. of hours and effort put into. Framed or unframed. Print versions, numbered prints or exclusive prints? Above all, the quality of work and the current market value of similar works.

All these things and more need to be considered in order to understand and evaluate the value for a painting! Still if there is one advice I would strongly give -Buy what speaks to you, what brings joy to your heart! After all investing in an artwork with a personal connection never loses its value!

The image is an original piece of artwork by Divvya Atrii. Learn more about her artwork  by clicking on her profile.
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Art blog by Divvya H Atrii
Divvya is an educator and a painting artist with a unique style. Her thoughts bring up something that lot of us often wonder!
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