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NFT for the uninitiated

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NFT for the uninitiated –
Warning! Side effects include confusion, dizziness, and Inspiration
A digital artwork at Christie's auction house sold for $69m – but um… what did the buyer get? 
An NFT. 
So, what exactly is this “NFT” that is valued at $69M? 
A Non-Fungible Token. 
Um… I am still not certain what the buyer got.
Determined to get to the bottom of this, I decided to spend some time understanding the world of NFT. What is it? Why is it a rage? Why is it being touted the next big thing for Creators? After hours of reading, I am both skeptical and excited. NFT presents some exciting possibilities, but it still has some way to go before it can redefine the way we live and transact.
I will be sharing my understanding through a series of articles that address the most important questions….
·       What is an NFT? When I buy an NFT, what exactly do I get?
·       Why is an NFT relevant?  Why is it a good time to understand the world of NFTs?
·       How can I, as a creator, make money through NFTs?
·       How can I “Mint” an NFT? How Do I List an NFT for purchase?
…. So, stay tuned!
Before I leave you today here are some interesting titbits to chew on before we meet again…
·       Here is the art that Beeple sold for $69M. You can also check it out at Christies here
·       This Video by Beeple got sold for 6.6M 
·       Love Cats?.... Check out Cryptokitties…ummmm NFTs
Until Next Time…

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Krishna (KK) will be starting a series of blogs sharing his opinions and knowledge base about NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens). Learn, educate yourself and share your thoughts!
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