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My widening taste in music

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My newfound appreciation

I am your typical teenage girl listening to Ariana Grande and Travis Scott on repeat. So when my mom told me I was going to spend my Saturday night listening to Indian classical music I wasn’t too excited.

The songs I listen to have a rhythm and funk that make them perfect to jam out to in my bedroom. Raagas and bhajans, not so much. After some convincing I ended up joining my mom and attending the Indian classical concert in NYC. As soon as we took our seats, my eyes were glued to my watch. But I am so glad my mom convinced me to go with her because as the concert began, I was mindblown. I was in awe of the performers who were singing and playing so beautifully. Their was so much passion in their music and it was mesmerizing watching them perform.

I now have a newfound appreciation for Indian classical music and open to widening my taste in music to more than today’s Top Hits!

Image by Zoltan Matuska from Pixabay
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Music blog by Shravya Kamaraju
Shravya is an aspiring medical professional, but her passion for music is unrelenting inspite of all the work pressure. She sings, plays piano and wants to do all she can to pursue her music.
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