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My musical journey

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A humbling experience....

This musical journey that I’m in has inspired my life so much that I can’t imagine not being in it. I haven’t reached the fame or fortune alluded to others but my journey is unique and special to me. Playing conga drums while growing up in the streets of Trenton N.J. gave me a different perspective of life. New Jersey, with its large Latino and Caribbean population is a melting pot of many of these cultures.

Music is such an integral part of our cultures, that one cannot imagine living without it, from the Saint Sebastian feast across the island of Puerto Rico to the Cuban Santiago festivals. All across the Caribbean people find a way to relieve the stresses of life thru our music Myself, born in Arecibo, P.R. was exposed to conga drumming by an older cousin at the beaches of Arecibo.

Our music consists of African based sounds and music bought over by the 16th and 17th century European slave trade to the small Caribbean islands. It also consists of Spanish instruments and vocals, and to top it off, the inclusion of the indigenous peoples of the islands that were conquered made this an extraordinary mix. As I remember growing up and learning in the streets of Trenton, by Masters whose life had thrown a curve ball at them, and by those who had nothing being my audience, this journey has been a humbling experience .

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Music blog by Edwin Estremera
Edwin is a multi-talented percussionist originally from Puerto Rico. He shares a glimpse of his musical journey with us!
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