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My introduction to the world of film

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When deciding your major, it is important to pick an option that you are passionate about. For me, that was the world of film. 
While I was introduced when I started analyzing the films and shows I watched, I was first shown the world when I started watching videos a film critic released on YouTube. At first, this was because the videos themselves were relatively humorous, but I continued to watch because they gave me a new perspective I hadn’t considered before. Up until that point, I mainly saw films as entertainment and didn’t realize the elements that make up the films we love then and now. 
I was fascinated by the kind of work that directors, writers, and producers do to create a film. When picking my classes, I decided to take a production class that would show me what filmmaking really is. While it was somewhat difficult, I never respected the field more. The videos and the class combined piqued my interest in filmmaking, and I found I wanted to learn more, and maybe pursue this as a career. As such, I took more classes that taught me new ways to analyze and watch films that I still use. I also took on a course load that would teach me more about filmmaking. 
I found my passion for creativity and writing through film. And I discovered some of my talents in this field as well. No matter what I do with the rest of my life, I owe a debt of gratitude to the world of filmmaking.

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Media blog by Nicolas Rontanini, Adelphi University, New York
Through this article, Nicolas shares how he developed his passion for films.
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