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Is Netflix changing the film industry?

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With the wide availability of Netflix and other streaming services, the way film industry has been changing in recent times. One question that I found about this was “when was the last time you went to the theater?” With Netflix and Amazon Prime expanding their expanding their rosters, and companies like Disney and Paramount releasing their own streaming platforms, it is easy to get access to films and television shows. 
One aspect I believe is a past of it is content. When you go to a movie theater, there is the possibility that you will not find something you want to watch. Netflix and other streaming services also have exclusive films and shows that you can only get on the platform. This gives you access to hundreds of options, meaning you have an increased likelihood of finding one that suits your mood. This could be why theater attendance is dropping, because people are staying in rather than going out. As such, filmmakers are now streaming their content to Netflix, like Martin Scorcese with “The Irishman.”  
Theater attendance was already falling, and more people were turning to Netflix. So, when COVID struck, people were forced to stay down and theaters to shut down. And with the popularity of Netflix, filmmakers were given another avenue to release their content. They were able to stream their films through Netflix’s server and reach their audiences another way.
Given all this, I think that Netflix is changing the film industry. However, I think this is a good change. Even when COVID has passed, people might be wary of returning to theaters, so the ability to reach your audience without them needing to come to the theater is a good resource to have. Some might be eager to return to the theater and resume normal operations. This provides a way to keep your audience, even if they are separated.   

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By Nicolas Rontanini, Adelphi University, New York
In this article, Nicolas shares how Netflix has changed the entire film industry, and he thinks it is for good! Check it out.
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