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Embracing Spirituality with Music

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Positive self-transformation

As you walk into my yoga studio, either for an energizing morning class or in the evening, to unwind and restore, tranquil music welcomes you. During practice, soothing sounds blend organically with the natural flow of breath and postures, harmonizing your soul. It was expounded thousands of years ago that both yoga and music can elevate you to the state of oneness.

In music, oneness is achieved when melody is in unison with the rhythm of your breath. Oneness in yoga unfolds with the union of mind, body and breath. Many artists when completely engrossed in music, experience a meditative state of mind. However, such an uplifting experience requires unflinching dedication and concentration to the artform. Can we train our minds to achieve consistency in practice, instill discipline, develop focus and inculcate patience? Absolutely! This where yoga can step in. Using breath techniques and meditative movements, yoga leads to positive self-transformation.

We recognize our inner strengths and persevere in difficult times. Once established in our practice, we transcend to a spiritual state, seeking something more purposeful in life. “Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” ― Lao Tzu

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Yoga and music blog by Deepti Gupta - a certified yoga teacher, artist, blogger and an avid reader
Embracing Spirituality with Music; A Yogic Perspective
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