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Creativity and my second innings

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Creativity and my second innings

There is no denying the power of music. Across all age groups and cultures, music has always been a very impactful medium of entertainment, making connections and well-being of mind, body and soul. 

I started music as a hobby when I was very young. Having been brought up in an atmosphere where music was all around me, I always had a great liking for music. Over a period, it became my passion. 

Formally getting trained in music did not come easily to me. It was a struggle throughout, starting from finding the right teacher, managing music practices and studies with young kids and other family responsibilities. But I can proudly say that with my determination, I managed to graduate with a degree in music. Appreciation by friends and family encouraged me to continue learning and getting better. It helped me a lot as I learnt the minor details of singing and music in general. I got multiple opportunities to sing in concerts, formal and informal gatherings and it was always an energizing experience for me.

Apart from music, I was involved in theatre, and many other cultural activities in my community. I have always enjoyed reading, specially autobiographies of influential people and fiction. Reading gives me great pleasure and takes me to a different world!

As I look back, I can think of multiple experiences that my life has been through, and each one has been unique! Actually, I am saturated with experiences and would love to pen all of them down on paper and share them with my kids and grandkids. I am sure, it will be more precious than a pot of gold!

Music continues to play an important part of my life, even today. Nothing beats the divine feeling that I get when I wake up early in the morning and do my “Omkara” as the sun rises. As I sing and the “swaras’ intertwining with the sound of my “tanpura” almost touch my heart, it gives me a feeling of ultimate joy and nirvana.

More than shopping or watching films and TV series, I like spending my time creatively. I read a lot as I enjoy the richness of literature whether it is English, Hindi or Marathi language. Knitting, sewing etc., were my other hobbies but lately due to age, I have slowed down the pace of my activities even though I sometimes itch to do it. 

To ensure that I stay healthy and fit, I take lot of precautions regarding my food intake, and the nourishment I need. My morning routine that typically includes “omkara”, my morning walk and grabbing all the news headlines adds to my life’s discipline. When I have an aim, it keeps me motivated. Being aware of what’s going on across the globe and staying connected with the local community news gives me a sense of confidence. 

Yes, I am a senior citizen, and I am in my second innings. There is a lot I still want to do but my age restricts me. I am so glad that my passion for music, reading and my hobbies help me stay motivated and energized.

My advice to the younger generation – “Recognize your talent and pursue it. Many of you are fortunate to have access to such excellent resources and support from your family and community. Stay healthy and fit and follow your dreams with full zest and energy.”

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Music blog by Hemlata Ayachit, mom, grandma and a creative enthusiast
Hemlata is a senior citizen passionate about music and has been navigating her retirement age using her creativity.
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