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Creative Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age

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Digital Age: It changed the way we communicate and engage. An era of Digital assets that empower you to reach and influence lives across the globe. An era that can bring the world within your grasp. An era for the creative entrepreneur.

Digitalization has made things both easier and harder for creative entrepreneurs. It provides the reach and helps execution at scale without the need for significant investment. It has also motivated and empowered thousands, if not millions, to embark on the journey of creative entrepreneurship.

The consumerization of digital technologies makes an even stronger case; Today customers make their choices based on what they see through their 5-to-6-inch handheld windows to their world.

As a creative Entrepreneur, if you are not maximizing your digital empowerment, someone else is. 

So, how can you potentially take advantage of these digital technologies?

Entrepreneurship does not end with a good idea; it begins with it. The ability to execute behind that idea is not a trivial task. It needs sustained focus on brand building, delivering to the promise, and post-purchase engagement to build up a loyal customer base. Today’s digital technologies and platforms can help you change the game in every one of these areas.

Build a Brand: What is Brand? As per American Marketing Association, "Brand is a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies sellers' goods or service as distinct from those of other sellers." While the traditional brand building and awareness approaches are not yet outdated, there is a paradigm shift towards online resources and social media platforms. These platforms are accessible to all, and marketing campaigns cost literally pennies a day. 

Selection of a particular social media platform depends on brand marketing/campaigning strategies, such as Facebook and Instagram for product marketing and promotion, Twitter for customer surveys and polls, YouTube for showcasing your talent, and various eCommerce websites for promotions. 

Showcase and Personalized Engagement: Customers today, do most of their pre purchase research online. Creative entrepreneurs can adapt by showcasing their skills and work samples through multi-media portfolios, virtual showcases, and content. Personalization is now commonplace and a regular and sustained engagement is possible through posts, email, and chat events. 

Commerce: Online commerce is now seen as the new normal. The ability to provide cashless transactions is now generally assumed as a given. With the growth of online commerce there are multiple payment processing platforms that provide a secure and branded experience. Platforms like PayPal, Stripe can be integrated to your own website. The emergence of marketplaces that provide all the tools needed by a creative entrepreneur have accelerated this journey for thousands.

Building a loyal customer base: A satisfied customer is the best advertisement. Insights from email, social media, online selection, product reviews and aftersales feedback can help enhance product quality and personalized engagement to boost overall customer experience. 

These are but a few of the areas where you can embrace “digital”. Every day a new case for digital is being presented. If you are in the beginning of your journey or already embarked on it – all the best – there is a world out there waiting for you.

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Today's digital age has changed the way we communicate and engage. Creative entrepreneurs have also been impacted by this change both for good and for worse. In this blog, the author shares how you as a creative entrepreneur can take advantage of digital technologies.
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