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A Tradition of Healing

Vibrnz blog photos
Vibrnz blog photos
Vibrnz blog photos
The power of art

From the time my ancestors landed on these shores, creation has been the bedrock of our survival. As a person of African descent who can only claim these United States as his home, I’m intimately aware of the power of art to not only inform – but heal.

From the bittersweet blues, to sweetgrass basket weaving in the Carolinas brought over from African shores, we have used this divine creative force to nurture our souls. I am proud to continue this tradition of healing, illustrating and imagining worlds that not only include my image but celebrates the beauty of others as well. I use my art as a mirror and a window simultaneously – a window to show the world that their differences make them beautiful, but also a mirror to allow those like me to see that they’re beautiful too.

Want to know more about Rashad? Click on his profile. Reach out to him for book illustrations, caricature drawing and so many other services! 
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Art blog by Rashad Davis
Rashad Davis is an award-winning author, illustrator, and character designer. Check out what he has to say about where he is from and how art has influenced him.
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